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RE-WRITE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

RE-WRITE - Essay Example The usual assumption is that ambient noise is isotropic (equal on all directions). This is commonly considered in sonar equations. We therefore attempt to reduce the effective noise level by utilising of the directional capabilities of the hydrophone (NL-DI). However, in deep waters the sea surface is considerably the principal source of ambient noise. It these areas the ambient level is not truly isotropic. Conversely, in shallow waters ambient noise is essentially isotropic due to reflections from the sea floor (Davidson, 2006). The features of the parametric approach are best illustrated on an example taken from a hypothetical sonar application. The approach was to apply time-frequency circumstances for detection. The detection conditions are simply: The second level, in particular, enables signal detection of a very low false alarm rate on narrow-band sonar signals. It acts as a narrow band pass filter at the input of detection algorithm, which efficiently eliminates out-of-band noise. Figure 1 shows a 50 kHz sonar return from shallow water. Simulated water-depth is 3 m. the transmit pulse has a duration of 0.4 Ms. The noise is of uniform distribution restricted to the signal band. Signal to noise ratio (S/N) is 20 dB while the signal’s full waveform was digitised at the rate of 1 MHz. Only the envelope of the signal is shown in Figure 1. Without any further processing, the echo time series, which consists of 1000 sample, is now submitted to the detection algorithm. While the parametric model is calculated for every sample, the spectrum from 48 kHz to 52 kHz is computed for every 10th interval. The 4 kHz band is evaluated at 200 frequencies with a resolution of 20 Hz. A three dimensional view of the sonogram (Figure 2) may illustrate how well the spectral peaks in the sonar return are defined in a time-frequency representation. The algorithm is very fast and real time processing capable. It does not require that the

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Background information of Pepto-Bismo ( liquid Medication) Research Paper

Background information of Pepto-Bismo ( liquid Medication) - Research Paper Example The drug normally has an unpleasant taste, but there are claims suggesting that keeping it under refrigeration reduces the undesirable taste. This research explores the possible effects of keeping Pepto-Bismol liquid medication under refrigeration in preference to room temperature, and at the end of this study a sound conclusion will have been obtained. This drug is present in the form of liquid formulation and chewable tablets or capsules, which are swallowed. The main ingredient in the drug, bismuth subsalicylate is a calcium carbonate and belongs to the class of antacids. The medication has the effect of being adsorbent on the stomach. Once swallowed it is thought to coat the stomach and intestinal walls to prevent the action of acids on these surfaces. It is also thought to kill certain bacteria. The doctor or pharmacist should recommend this medication prior to its use by an individual. The drug should be swallowed depending on the patient. An adult should swallow sixteen capsules in twenty-four hours; a child above ten years should swallow eight tablets in twenty-four hours while that one below ten years should use liquid medication. The medication should be taken thirty minutes apart. Many factors are taken into consideration before the dosage is given. These factors are the determinants on whether the drug will be helpful to the user. The drug takes effect immediately after swallowing it and relieves the discomfort instantly. The main dosage that is given by pharmacists and doctors is two tablets after every thirty minutes and a maximum of 16 tablets in 24 hours. The swallowing should be 30 minutes apart. For children, the swallowing should also be 30 minutes apart with a maximum of eight tablets in 24 hours. For effective use of this medicine, the tablets should be dissolved in the mouth prior to swallowing. Before a doctor or pharmacist recommends this drug they check the body weight, other drugs used

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Breaking Into Advertising and Staying Essay Example for Free

Breaking Into Advertising and Staying Essay In the life of an individual, it is seen that building a great and stable career in a line of work that he/she personally likes and loves to do is one of the foremost undertakings that is considered to be a difficult task. Thus, this requires a bountiful amount of effort and courage for a person to achieve a stable career and to be situated in a position that he or she prefers to be in. Advertising Industry, on the other hand, as linked to the discussions about career, is considered to be one of the most stimulating and exciting line of businesses in which there are numerous number of aspirants who are hoping to penetrate the scene and be a part of it. Also, the advertising business is regarded as included in the most competitive and strongest industry that could ensure a bright future ahead for anyone who could make it to the top of the industry competition. However, as far as the aspect of employment is concern, establishing a career in advertising industry is seen to be one of the most difficult and tricky task to do. Thus, this is where the book entitled â€Å"Pick Me: Breaking into Advertising and Staying There† is primarily intended for, which is to serve as a guide and as an essential reading in helping people to land a job and survive under the pressure of the industry that is once regarded to be included in the list of the most competitive ones. The book is primarily written to provide a reading material to be able to guide the people, more especially those who aspire to establish a career in the advertising industry, to land in a job and handle the pressure which serves as the characteristic of the said business. The book is authored by two of the most reliable individuals in the field of advertising who have worked as creative directors and are closely creative partners namely Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin. The primary objective of the two is to render people definite information as to how could they acquire a position in a business world such as advertising. As such, from the majority of the book, the information is essentially rendered to answer the questions of people or students with regard to having a stable job and establishing a career in the said industry. In addition to this, the book is also co-authored by a group of fourteen individuals, who are regarded as famous persons in the advertising industry, who have also provided and shared their own insights as well as personal experiences that have been instrumental for them to enter the careers they are in today and excel in it. Nonetheless, through the background and capabilities of the people behind the ideas, it is seen that the book is effective in achieving and functioning to what it principally intend. The book is seen to be precise with its aims and goals. Being aware that the establishment of career in the advertising industry is a tricky task, the writers have stated and rendered their information in the most positive way that the readers could have a grasp of the messages they intended for. Thus, the approach of the writers in rendering their thoughts is seen to be concise wherein the book incorporates the list of the typical questions and concerns by the person with regard to the topic and renders the appropriate answers accordingly. Likewise, a clear statement of the issue and topic which tells about the link between employment and the difficulties of establishing a career in advertising industry has been key factor that paves the way to definite results as well as conclusions for the book. According to the writers, it is important for a person, more especially for those who aspires for a job in the said industry, to know exactly and render accordingly his or her goals as well as the things that he or she wants to achieve to be able to employ a clear pathway and focus in the progress of his or her career. Also, the writers have clearly stated the point that a formal educational background is significant, although not the sole essentials, in establishing a career and making it to the top of entire advertising industry. Thus, talent, skills, passion and dedication are regarded as factors that are required to be able to establish a long-time career and succeed in the said industry. In addition to this, the thoughts of fear and self-antipathy should be conquered in order to establish a career, stay and succeed in the advertising business. Likewise, the fresh and new ideas are seen to be a vital ingredient of success in the advertising industry which could place a person in a stable and healthy ground for his or her career in the industry. This could also improve and determine the reliability of one’s capabilities in the industry to come up with a brilliant notion that could help the clients and publicize a product more towards greater results. From a personal point of view, it can be said that the points and statements written above, as per the writers’ standpoint, are all essential and significant in a way that it renders clear notions for the people that have the dreams of making it in the advertising industry. Thus, most of the points that have been depicted in the book are all supported and explained through the incorporation and a mixture of personal experiences industry as well as logical reasoning that is connected to the entire context of society. Likewise, knowing the fact where the writers are coming from employs more wisdom in the points that have been stated in the pages. Moreover, the idea of stating a clear focus and goal is indeed essential in establishing a career. This renders a definite way and serves as a focal point as to where the progress of career is heading. The presence of formal education, on the other hand, is also seen as significant wherein it should serve as roots for knowledge or notions that should be further enhanced by the personal capabilities and talent. Also, talents, capabilities and dedication in the job is definitely instrumental in order to establish and stay in a line of career for a long period of time. Nonetheless, saying that confidence is a must in landing to a job and staying in the advertising industry is absolutely significant. Thus, the existence of self-loathing should be conquered in order to employ a steady job environment and pave the way for continuous personal and career growth. Likewise, it can be said that the most important point in the book is the argument that focus and goal stipulated with passion and dedication are in fact an essential formula to establish a career and survived the challenges of being employed, more especially in the advertising industry. In the end, with the above written facts and information about the book, it could be stated the information and thoughts depicted in the book are all factual as well as helpful fundamentals towards having a decent job or position and staying in the advertising industry. Thus, it is certain that the book and the writers are successful in achieving their goals as well as in serving their purpose that is seen to render a tangible reading guide for the people who aspire to land in a job and establish a career in the advertising industry. Nonetheless, all the thoughts and information rendered in the book are useful and obliging for the readers as all of the points and statements are supported with relevant real world experiences and factual evidence that are tested to have produced positive results about the topic. Reference Vonk N. and Kestin J. (2005). Pick Me: Breaking Into Advertising and Staying There. United States: Wiley-IEEE.

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Women in the Workforce Essay -- Women in the Workplace 2015

The sight of a working woman today is not something that causes one to look twice. However, this was not always the case. It was a long struggle for women to get to where they are today, and there is still a long way to go. There were a few momentous occasions throughout history that caused a shift in the way women were viewed as workers, such as the need for workers during World War II, the Equal Pay Act, and the appointment of Sandra Day O’Connor to the Supreme Court. Women have made great strides in integrating themselves into the workforce alongside men and continue to do so today. Throughout much of history, women have been viewed as inferior to men. In the 1800s and early 1900s, women were not allowed to hold the same jobs or positions as men. In 1890, women made up only 5% of all doctors in the United States (â€Å"Women’s History in America†). The reason that women were not accepted into many professions was that traditionally they were supposed to marry young and start bearing children. This expectation kept them from going to school and studying to become doctors or lawyers. It also kept women at home doing domestic work and caring for children rather than working outside the home. There was a large increase of working women in 1917 when the U.S. entered World War I (â€Å"Women of the Century†). Unfortunately, once the war ended in 1918 many women left their jobs and returned to domestic work, where they stayed for years after. The jobs that women did occupy at this time were often in terrible factory conditions with meager wages. This reflects the image of women as inferior and undeserving of the same rights and status as men. Eventually women began to tire of being subservient to men and started to yearn for their rights.... The New York Times. 8 October 2011. Web. 24 October 2012. New York Teacher. â€Å"Women’s Labor History Timeline: 1765- Present Day†. NYSUT: A Union of Professionals. 3 March 2009. Web. 24 October 2012. Sorenson, Aja. â€Å"The Image and Reality of Women who Worked During World War II†. National Park Service. Web. 1 November 2012. â€Å"Statistical Overview of Women in the Workplace†. Catalyst. 19 June 2012. Web. 1 November 2012. United States Census Bureau. â€Å"Women in the Workforce†. United States Census Bureau. Web. 24 October 2012. â€Å"Women and Work After World War II†. PBS. Web. 31 October 2012. â€Å"Women of the Century†. Discovery Education. Web. 31 October 2012. â€Å"Women’s History in America†. Women’s International Center. Web. 1 November 2012.

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Aqa Psya3 Interventions for Addiction Notes

Interventions for addiction (Key: – = negative criticism/limitations + = positive criticism/support Biological interventions Methadone for heroin: Heroin addicts are given Methadone, which gives similar effects but is less addictive. Their dose is slowly increased to build up tolerance, then slowly decreased to wean the addict of it until the addict need neither substance. Some people just switch from being heroin addicts to Meth addicts – Statistics show more than 300 methadone related deaths in the UK in 2007 – Methadone consumption is often unsupervised, which has created a black market, where addicts can sell their doses for only ? 2 Potential drug treatments for gambling: not approved in the UK yet, but there is evidence that SSRI’s (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors which increase serotonin= good mood) or Naltrexone (a dopamine receptor antagonist, which reduces the reward of gambling by reducing dopamine) may be effective. Hollander found tha t gamblers treated with SSRI’s showed improvements compared to a control group – BUT Hollander’s study only had 10 participants; a larger, longer study by Blanco et al (32 gamblers over 6 months) showed SSRI was no more effective than a placebo + Kim and Grant showed that naltrexone led to decrease in gambling thoughts and behaviours after 6 weeks of treatment – Intervention bias of doctors: Cohen and Cohen suggest that clinicians don’t believe addictions are too difficult to treat, because they only come across them when the addiction is too advanced to respond to treatment Psychological interventions:Reinforcement: Sindelar did a study with addicts on methadone therapy (+ counselling). One group was rewarded every time they tested negative for drugs. By the end, the reward group had 60% more negative urine tests than the control (who weren’t offered rewards). + Sindelar showed it to be effective at reducing the addictive behaviour – BUT Reinforcement doesn’t address the underlying problems that caused the addiction in the first place, so as soon as the rewards are removed, addicts may just go back to engaging in the same, or another addictive behaviour again (eg an alcoholic may go back to alcohol, or develop an new addiction for sex). The rewards would have to be paid for by the NHS, which is a public service funded by taxes. The general public wouldn’t want their taxes being spent on giving addicts rewards CBT: CBT helps people change the way they think about their addiction and learn ways of coping effectively. (eg. in gambling addiction, the addict has a cognitive error in believing they can influence the outcome of the game, CBT would correct this wrong thinking by showing them that the belief is irrational) + Effective: Ladoceur et al randomly allocated 66 pathological gamblers to either a CBT group or waiting list.At the end, 86% of the treatment group were no longer classed as pathologica l gamblers, and had increased self-efficacy. + ALSO Sylvian et al looked at treatments that targeted both cognition and behaviour. Pathological gamblers were given cognitive therapy, social skills training and relapse prevention, resulting in improvements which were maintained at a 1yr follow-up. Research has tended to show that no psychological treatment to be superior, but that they are most effective when combined with pharmacological treatments. Public health interventions The NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) Study:US government sponsored interventions such as the NIDA Collaborative Cocaine Treatment (CCT) study are designed to intervene in the cycle of drug-related personal and social problems. + The NIDA intervention led to a reduction in cocaine use, and subsequent reductions in related behaviours (eg. unprotected sex, which led to a reduction in HIV transmission) Telephone smoking ‘Quitline’: Stead et al found that smokers who received repeated Quitline c ounselling telephone calls were 50% more likely to quit than a control who only received brief counselling. Has real-world applications: Military personnel deployed overseas often take up, or increase smoking habits. Beckham et al found that combining Quitline services with nicotine replacement therapy was highly effective in treating US military veterans. Prevention of youth gambling: Messerlian et al proposed a prevention model based on research into teenage pathological gambling using denormalisation, protection, prevention and harm reduction principles. (eg. programme based on prevention would include early identification of ‘at risk’ youths, and attempt to avert them from escalating towards pathological gambling. + Public health intervention in gambling is proactive and addresses a potentially devastating social issue. Research shows that problem gambling as a teen can lead to subsequently adverse outcomes, (eg. strained relationships, criminal behaviour, depressio n and even suicide) so early prevention is essential. (Derevensky and Gupta)

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Look At Liquidity Or Marketability Finance Essay - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 812 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Finance Essay Type Narrative essay Did you like this example? Institutional investment is one of the investment advisor companies or Investment Company which is run by the different portfolio experts, they pool large sum of money to purpose of investing securities and also they are giving the idea where to invest, they are assurance the investor how much you will get from the investment and also Institutional investor is playing the very important role between retain investor and economic development. Those investors who dont know anything about the finance or market, institutional experts advice the investor to invest the money on different securities on that process they are charging some amount of charge. The qualities of contrary thinking, patience, composure, flexibility, and decisiveness are required to succeed in the investment game. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Look At Liquidity Or Marketability Finance Essay" essay for you Create order Institutional investors refers to investments companies, mutual funds, pension funds, foundations, sovereign wealth funds The growing influence of institutional investors has bought a transformational change in financial systems. Traditionally, these investors and, in particular, pension funds, life insurers and mutual funds that operate in retirement saving systems have been seen as sources of long term capital with investment portfolios built around the two main asset classes (bonds and equities) and an investment horizon tied to the often long-term nature of their liabilities. Institutional investors also reduce reliance on the banking system, acting as shock absorbers at times of financial distress. In addition, the growth of these institutions has contributed to the development of capital markets, providing financing to companies and governments and helping to develop mechanisms for corporate control and risk management. Raffaele Della Croce, Fiona Stewart and Juan Y ermo (2011), Promoting Longer Term Investment by Institutional Investors: Selected Issues and Policies, (24/01/2013) MOTIVES FOR INVESTMENTÂ Â The investor hasÂÂ  to set out hisÂÂ  priorities keepingÂÂ  the following motives in mind.ÂÂ  All investorswould like to have: 1.ÂÂ  CapitalÂÂ  appreciation 2. Income 3.ÂÂ  LiquidityÂÂ  orÂÂ  marketability 4.ÂÂ  SafetyÂÂ  orÂÂ  Security 5.ÂÂ  HedgeÂÂ  againstÂÂ  inflation The investor gets his incomeÂÂ  from the dividendÂÂ  or yield or interest.ÂÂ  There will be no capital appreciation also in the case of enquiries.ÂÂ  The liquidity and safety of an investment will depend upon the marketability and credit rating of the borrower, namely the company or the issuer ofÂÂ  securities.ÂÂ  These characteristics varyÂÂ  between assetsÂÂ  and securities.ÂÂ  These characteristicsÂÂ  vary between assets and securities.ÂÂ  An investor is also concerned in having a tax plan toÂÂ  reduce his tax commitments so as to maximise the take home income. ÂÂ  For this purpose, investor should specify his income bracket, his liabilities and his preference, tax planning, etc.ÂÂ  The investment avenues have certain characteristics of risk and return and also of some tax concessions attached to them. These tax provisions as such can influence the investor in a big way as these provisions will alterÂÂ  the risk return scenario of investment alternatives.ÂÂ  It isÂÂ  therefore, necessary that all these avenues should be assessed in terms of yields, capital appreciation, liquidity, safety and tax implications. Investors may be individuals and institutions. Individual investors operate alongside institutional investors in the investment arena. However, their characteristics are different. Individual investors are large in number but t heir investable resources are comparatively smaller. They generally lack the skill to carry out expensive evaluation and analysis before investing. Moreover, they do not have the time and resources to engage in such an analysis. Institutional investors, on the other hand, are the organisations with surplus funds who engage in investment activities. Mutual funds, investment companies, banking and non-banking companies, insurance corporations, etc. are the organisations with large amounts of surplus funds to be invested in various profitable avenues. These institutional investors are fewer in number compared to individual investors, but their investable resources are much larger. The institutional investors engage professional fund managers to carry out extensive analysis and evaluation of different investment opportunities. As a result their investment activity tends to be more rational and scientific. They have a better chance of maximising returns and minimising risk. The pro fessional investors and unskilled individual investors combine to make the investment arena dynamic. Investment avenues There are a large number of investment avenues for savers in Mauritius. Some of them are marketable and liquid while others are non-marketable. Some of them are highly risky while some others are almost riskless. The investor has to choose proper avenues from among them depending on his preferences, need and ability to assume risk. The investment avenues can be broadly categorised under the following heads: Corporate securities Deposits in banks and non-banking companies UTI and other mutual fund schemes Post office deposits and certificates Life insurance policies Provident fund schemes Government and semi-government securities

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Affinity Orientation Discrimination Cases Study - 1095 Words

Affinity Orientation Discrimination Case Studies Imagine that you are a department manager and you find out that a man you work with has become a woman, or you find out a woman you work with enjoys the private company of woman, would these concepts cause you to discriminate against your employees in the workplace? Analysis of case studies, understanding applicable laws, and recommending clearly defined policies for the workplace will assist with understanding and preventing affinity orientation discrimination. It is important in todays workplace to have an intricate understanding of the difference between affinity orientation and the word sex as it pertains to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII). The term sex referred†¦show more content†¦Tracy does not have a discrimination claim against her department manager Mr. Green as a result of affinity orientation. Tracys supervisor Mr. Green gave her excellent annual performance evaluations that are more than sufficient enough to apply and expect to be eligible any company promotions. Mr. Green is not obligated to give employees letters of recommendation for promotions, transfers, or applications for employment inside or outside of the company where he is employed as a department manager. The company followed all employee performance review procedures correctly. It is standard practice for companies to place the best-suited candidate in vacant positions. The use of employment evaluations ensures that all candidates are given equal opportunity for job advancements. Should Mr. Green have given Tracy poor performance evaluations on a consistent basis, Tracy may have been able to prove a discrimination claim. It is important to have set policies in place to keep employees informed of what criteria must be met for company advancement or promotions. Employment manuals are a suitable method of ensuring that employees are notified of company policies. In an effort to eliminate future claims of discrimination in the workplace relating to company advancement, Mr. Green should have established set policies regarding letters of recommendation. It is recommended that Mr. Green have the employee manual clearly state that departmentShow MoreRelatedShould Gay Rights Be Legal?1580 Words   |  7 Pagesfor our community due to sexuality. Sexual discrimination is considering a candidate or worker unfavorably because of a person’s sex, or affiliation with a group or groups related with a specific sex. The law forbids discrimination based on sex when it comes to any aspect of employment, including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions, layoff, training, fringe benefits and any other term or condition of employment. Gender identity discrimination, on the other hand, is more specific to peopleRead MoreTrans And Transgender : An Umbrella Term931 Words   |  4 PagesMelissa 2015). The most important thing to note is that tran sgender is not a reference to one’s sexual identity, or preference, but it is more about ones gender expression, which refers to a presentation of a person’s behaviors, interests, and/or affinities that are considered feminine, masculine, or some combination thereof (Serano, Julia. 2007). The umbrella term of trans or transgender includes, but is not limited to, people who identify as transgender, trans woman, trans man, transsexual, cross-dressersRead MoreSelecting The Right Candidate For The Job Essay1547 Words   |  7 Pagesdefinition of a good performer, and what competencies like skills, knowledge and attitudes would be necessary to achieve that. Two of the employment laws which must be considered are specifically focused on the issues of discrimination and harassment. Charges of discrimination in hiring are serious issues for employers, and as an interviewer, one undertakes tremendous responsibility in representing the organization properly. Different countries around the world have different laws on legality inRead MoreWhat Makes A Business A Good Business? Essay3442 Words   |  14 Pagesthem coming out to employers, wage inequality, GLBT employee support groups, the effects of GLBT (non) discrimination on the workplace and business outcomes are identified as the major themes of my current review. Social institutions, legal frameworks, and cultural norms were determined as the key pillars of sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace. Sexual Discrimination Read MoreEmployment Discrimination Against Individuals Based On Age, Race, National Origin, Or Sex, And Language2852 Words   |  12 Pagesthat employers have to deal with. Some aspects include physical appearance, lifestyle, and language. For several decades, the law has forbidden discrimination against individuals based on age, race, national origin, or sex, and these factors should not be in job specifications or recruitment advertisements (Shaw, 2014, 284). Employment discrimination against physical appearance, lifestyle, and language is not only wrong but also unethical. I. Physical Appearance Psychologists have long knownRead MoreThe People Have Made Outstanding Progress On Their Goal Essay2092 Words   |  9 Pageshave made outstanding progress on their goal to reach equality. For example, same-sex couples now have the right to adopt children in all the states of America and thanks to President Obama, federal workers cannot be discriminated upon sexual orientation or gender identity (Clinton). Although the LGBT community has civil rights that should be protected, due to society’s narrow-mindedness, the LGBT+ community gets treated as second class citizens. Education is an important factor in life in orderRead MoreThe Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooting Essay2089 Words   |  9 Pageshave made outstanding progress on their goal to reach equality. For example, same-sex couples now have the right to adopt children in all the states of America and thanks to President Obama, federal workers cannot be discriminated upon sexual orientation or gender identity (Clinton). Although the LGBT+ community has civil rights that should be protected, due to society’s narrow-mindedness, the LGBT+ community gets treated as second class citizens. Education is an important factor in life in orderRead MoreEssay on Contributions of Diversity to the Workplace2268 Words   |  10 Pagesaccept and practice diversity it will not succeed in this very global world and will limit any success they might have accomplished, (Noe, P. D. 2009). Many organizational studies have come to conclude that promoting diversity lowers absenteeism rates, can lower employee turnover costs and decrease liability in discrimination lawsuits (Robinson and Dechant, 1997). All of these issues which plague a company are costly, but by taking the time and resources to invest in diversity initiatives, the companyRead MoreGay Marriage Should Be Legal Essay1850 Words   |  8 Pagescitizens (and the rest of the LGBT community) into the â€Å" societal norm.† Despite the strides that have been taken to legalize marriage for same sex couples, there are many states where discrimination is still legal. LGBT people can be denied housing, work, and even service and are also not legally protected from discrimination in the education system in many states today. LGBT issues came into the spotlight in San Francisco in the 1970s, as Richard Rodriguez puts it in his essay â€Å"Late Victorians,† whenRead MorePersonal Statement : My Educational Background1808 Words   |  8 Pagesmany military moves. This demonstrates my unwavering commitment my determination to achieving my set goals despite the challenges set before me. My bachelor s degree is in Business Management, and my associates degree was in the area of General Studies, both of which I graduated cum laude with a GPA of 3.87. Along with the general education requirements, my associate’s degree consisted of 26 units in the area of Biological Science and 15 units of Psychology. I have always been drawn to understanding